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If you have a VAT number registered in a country which is a member of the European Community, should you wish to place an order, you can provide us with your VAT number...
The reception of such informations on our part will allow us to verify the presence of your VAT number in the V.I.E.S. (an acronym for VAT Information Exchange System) in order to find out the correct duty to lay on your purchases.

If you are a private customer (that is, you don't have a VAT number), living in a country which is a member of the European Union, be mindful that according to the laws in force on the conditions of mail-order selling and all of its variant forms, Comics e Dintorni is bound to levy the VAT tax.

If you are a customer living in a country outside of the European Community (extraUE), your purchases won't be VAT taxable in Italy, however, be mindful that, as an importer of goods, you are bound by the laws and rules of your own country on this matter.
As far as the international shipments outside of the EU are concerned, we'd like to inform you that your orders could be charged with further customs duties which will be paid by you. We have no knowledge of what said costs could be, since those usually vary from one country to the next.
For further informations please contact your country's customs office.

According to the Italian laws the commerce of books and other publishing products is bound in Italy, according to the article 74 of the law by decree DPR 633/72, to a special VAT regime according to which said duty is totally paid by the publishers on the ground of the items' sale price (cover price), while subsequent re-sales of said items are not Vat taxable.
Therefore, according to the above-mentioned reasons, all the prices of the items listed on the online catalogue of Comics e Dintorni S.r.l. include the VAT rate in force in Italy.

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